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Monthly Update: February 2018

9 March 2018
After a very strong start to the year for all our funds in January came a partial pullback in February. However, the numbers that count most are still positive for the year: the absolute performance of the SIF (+5.0%) and Balance (+0.3%), and the relative performance of Equities (beating the MSCI World Index by 0.7%). Our stock selection is based on a set of proprietary mathematical models and tools, improved and refined throughout the years. Since the launch of our flagship...

Monthly Update: January 2018

14 February 2018
All three of our equity-strategy funds had strong starts to the year. Equities stayed well ahead of the MSCI World Index, with a gain for the month of +2.8%. vs. +1.8%. And it's a lead which we managed to hold onto in the market downturn that followed.   Balance gained 0.5% thanks to the outperformance of the underlying equity portfolio. The global equity exposure of Balance is now around 18%, meaning it's invested for 100% in the underlying equity portfolio (same one as "Equit...

Monthly Update: December 2017

12 January 2018
First and foremost our best wishes for the new year. In financial terms it has already started on a very strong footing, with the economy and equity markets continuing the trend from 2017. The same goes for all our funds ... may it continue. December itself was a rather uneventful month so let's recap 2017 as a whole. Our long-only global equity fund Aphilion Q² - Equities ended the year up 7.1% vs. 5.2% for the MSCI World Index, the 12th year out of 16 that the general market ind...